Industries Served

Custom manufactured glass-to-metal seals from Tekna Seal are used in a variety of applications requiring hermeticity, including:



Sophisticated aerospace devices such as engine controls, altimeters and flight data recorders require the highest performance hermetic seals to perform reliably.

Tekna Seal Advantages:
  • Highest levels of hermeticity
  • Ruggedness
  • Ability to work with high performance materials


  • Air bag initiator
  • Multi-fuel sensors
  • Feedthroughs for fuel cells

Battery Feedthroughs

High performance lithium batteries require reliable glass seals fabricated using difficult low-silica glasses and high-conductivity pin materials.

Tekna Seal Advantages:
  • Reliable processing of lithium-compatible glass including TA-23 and Cabal-12
  • Molybdenum conductor(s) for higher current carrying capacity
  • Freedom from the chemical residues left by the oxide-removal step required with traditional glass sealing processes
  • Lack of carburization of housing materials which can lead to accelerated corrosion

Electronic and Photonic Packages

Leading-edge, high performance chips, MEMS devices and photonic devices require packages with features and materials custom tailored to the application. Tekna Seal can provide custom housings as well as lids with integrated optical windows.

Tekna Seal Advantages:
  • Ability to use metal injection molding (MIM) to fabricate housings with tailored features and unconventional materials
  • Ability to braze dissimilar metal or ceramic features into packages
  • Highest levels of hermeticity in MIM packages

High Vacuum

The Tekna Seal oxide-free glass sealing process provides hermeticity levels of 1x10-10 Std cc/sec helium at 1 atm pressure differential without the expense and bulk of a brazed ceramic-to-metal seal.

Tekna Seal Advantages:
  • Highest levels of hermeticity
  • Ceramic glass seals bakable to 400° C
  • Pure copper pins available for power feedthroughs


Feedthroughs for implantable devices, battery seals for implantable devices and feedthroughs for sterilizable electronics.

Tekna Seal Advantages:
  • Oxide-free glass sealing process compatible with titanium and other biocompatible materials
  • Ceramic-to-metal brazing process using only biocompatible materials


  • Reserve battery seals
  • Pyrotechnic initiator seals
  • Pyrotechnic initiator seals with patented integrated ESD protection
  • Patent Numbers 5768083 – 5726854
  • Guidance components

Sensor Housings

Modern pressure, flow and temperature sensors must work in challenging environments of high pressure, temperature and corrosion.

Tekna Seal Advantages:
  • Highest levels of hermeticity
  • Pressure containment in excess of 25,000 psi
  • Ceramic glass maintains hermeticity at temperatures up to 600° C
  • Ceramic glass compatible with corrosion resistant pin materials