Standard 3-Pin Connectors

Tekna Seal's glass-to-metal sealed version of the M8 3-pin connector is a versatile hermetic feedthrough for sensor, instrumentation and video applications. The body of the feedthrough can be screwed into a threaded hole and sealed with an o-ring to produce a sealed device housing. Electrical connections on the external side can be made with standard M8 3-pin female connectors and cables.


Materials of Construction
Body: 303 stainless steel
Sealing/Insulating Glass: Barium alkali glass
Pins: Gold plated nickel/iron alloy

Hermeticity: Less than 1 x 10-8 std cc/sec helium leak rate at 1 atmosphere pressure differential

Insulation Resistance: 1 G Ohm minimum at 500 VDC

Operating Temperature Range: -50° C to 150° C

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(All dimensions in inches U.O.S.)

accessory Part Number 70004

3-Pin Connector Accessory DrawingPrintable Drawing - Part Number 70004

accessory Part Number 70002

3-Pin Connector AccessoryPrintable Drawing - Part Number 70002

accessory Part Number 70005

3-Pin Connector Accessory DrawingPrintable Drawing - Part Number 70005

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