Standard Hermetic Optical Window, Weldable

Tekna Seal's hermetic optical windows are designed to facilitate visual observation or optical signal transmission into hermetically sealed devices. The body of the window assembly is stainless steel and is intended to be laser welded into a device housing, vacuum chamber or vacuum flange. The window glass is fused directly to the metal body using the Tekna Seal oxide-free glass sealing process for the lowest possible leak rate.


Materials of Construction
Body: 316 stainless steel
Window: Soda-Lime Glass

Hermeticity: Less than 1 x 10-8 std cc/ sec helium leak rate at 1 atmosphere pressure differential

Optical Specifications (within the clear aperture area)
Scratch and dig not to exceed 80/50
Flatness within .001"

Operating Temperature Range: -50° C to 150° C

Maximum Bake-out Temperature: 200° C

(All dimensions in inches U.O.S.)

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